Threaded tank adapter.

Threaded tank adapter

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Fuel/Oil Sensor

Fuel/Oil Sensor with Integrated Data Logger Output.

•  General
•  Electrical
•  Mechanical

•  Capacitance sensing device.
•  No moving parts.
•  Tough aluminium housing.
•  Operating temperatures up to 120°C.
•  Output Suitable for connection to in-vehicle telemetry systems.
•  User selectable damping to eliminate surging.
•  High speed Low level warning - for fast response to sudden loss.
•  Telemetry System and Data Logger compatible output - 1 to 5 volt DC or 0.5 to 4.5 Volt DC.
 Instant pushbutton calibration - no voltmeter required.
•  Fully encapsulated electronics.
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•  Power consumption:   10.5 to 20 VDC, 50mA typ. (see notes)
•  Operating temperature range:   -20 to +120°C.
•  Output:   1 to 5 volts or 0.5 to 4.5 volts linear with depth in 56 steps.
•   Response:   Two levels of damping user selected with one connector pin - full to empty in approx 4 secs                         or approx 100 secs. (Typical values - dependent on sensor length and fluid properties)
•  Low level warning:   5 volt fast response output at user settable level.
•  Electrical connectors:   Deutsch AS Autosport.
•  Notes:   a) Use only power supplies with voltage excursions inside specified limits.   
                b)   Supply current varies with supply voltage.
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•  Sensing probe:   1/2" dia tubular aluminium outer with stainless steel centre.
•  Sensing probe:   User adjustable length up to 90cm.
•  Electronics module dimensions:   W 50mm,   D 50mm,   H 31mm.
•  Mounting:   M20 * 1.5mm pitch threaded aluminium bush.
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