FMT Fuel Monitoring System for Commercial Trucking

FMT Fuel Monitoring System for Commercial Trucking.

High Precision Fuel Monitoring
Fuel Tank Sensors
The 'Avelec FMT' monitors fuel useage
continuously, day & night
Avelec sets new standards in fuel management

-   The FMT Fuel Monitoring System records the tank contents and fuel usage      continuously - with high precision.

-   This is a compact, simple to use yet sophisticated system which can be used on      its own - or connected to a laptop PC to allow more complete analysis of the      fuel history of the vehicle.*

-   A system so sophisticated that it can also be connected to a full blown 'PC in     the Cab' system to allow complete fuel monitoring from anywhere in the     world.**

-   A simple display readout gives you the essential information at a glance so that     you quickly know how much the last trip should have cost you and can confirm     this from the fuel receipts with easy detection of any discrepancies.

-   Tamper resistant fasteners and fittings and an overall robust construction      resists damage which could disable the system and conceal removal or short      delivery of fuel.

-   The FMT Fuel Monitoring System comprises fuel tank quantity sensing, flow      totalising and data logging. The unit has an interface for data output to a      remote computer system, either on the vehicle or after return to the base           depot.

-   High precision allows comparison of total fuel used with vehicle fuel invoices      to reveal any discrepancy due to short delivery, leakage, reduced fuel      efficiency, pilferage or fraud.

-   Additional analysis with the FMT Analyser software application can be used to     detect the time, date and nature of discrepancies. *

*  The FMT Analyser Software package allows graphical analysis of data stored in     the inbuilt data logger and correlates tank capacity with fuel consumed.     Discrepancies between fuel consumed and fuel added to the tank will be     revealed along with the time and date.

** with optional interface fitted.